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Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

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introduction [Oct. 26th, 2009|04:19 pm]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

hello from a newbie.
and im gay!
win win!
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Happy day at work [Oct. 14th, 2009|05:31 pm]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

I haven't watched Heroes in a long time, but my boss does, and he watches it with his kids (aged 9 and 11).
So he was telling us about watching last night's episode with them, and I guess Claire kisses another girl. It was interesting to hear his reaction. He said he didn't see it coming until about five seconds before it happened, and he didn't want to freak out about it because he didn't want to send the message that it was wrong or scary. So he just let it happen.
They haven't had the "birds and the bees" discussion, but he was able to talk to his kids about gay people without having to talk about sex (something the anti-gay people always worry about). The kids are at the age where any kissing on TV is gross, and I guess the message that "some people have different preferences about who they want to kiss" went over pretty well.
It's so refreshing to hear that the only thing my boss had a problem with as far as the scene went was not that he had to tell his kids, but that he just didn't feel he had enough preparation. Still, I say he did it admirably.

Also, just to prove how awesome my work is, they offer same-sex partner benefits (despite not being legally required to), and everybody treats my relationships as absolutely the same as any of my straight coworkers'. I love this place.
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The happy queer life is... [Sep. 30th, 2009|06:56 pm]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

Buying a bus ticket to the National Equality March.
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If this not allowed, I apologize... [Sep. 14th, 2009|11:07 am]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!


Hello Community!

My name is Ashley and I’m 22 years old. I am a proud niece of a gay Aunt. I am a proud friend of many GLTB friends as well.

As you all may know, This years annual Aids WALK FOR LIFE walk is taking place across Canada this month. My city’s walk is this Saturday September 19th. I have chosen this walk and cause as my first ever charity walk.

My younger sisters (17 and 13) are so excited to be able to raise money and awareness for this cause. I am here to ask if not beg for pledges.

I will accept any amount of money you wish to donate, it will be in your name, and if you live in Canada, this donation is tax deductable.

So please, please help us to reach our First Timer’s goal of $300 Dollars.

I have a paypal account ready for anyone willing to help us out. You can also look up our Team’s page



To DONATE please click button below and follow instructions.


Thank you so much! With your help, we are one step closer to finding a cure. With your donation, You are directly helping charities who specialize in HIV/Aids victim care.

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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2009|05:38 pm]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

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Being with the woman I really love, and grow together in relationship.
Despite the enormous difficulties.

Estar con la mujer que realmente amo, y juntas crecer en la relacion.
A pesar de las enormes dificultades.
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Candle Light Vigil @ 18th & Castro [Aug. 29th, 2009|10:45 am]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

Hey kids!

I'm not sure if everyone here heard, but Wednesday night in DC two Transwomen were attacked not far from the T.H.E (Transgender Health Empowerment Inc) offices. One was seriously injured, but managed to survive, the other, Tyli'a "NaNa Boo" Mack did not.

By and large, we haven't seen much reaction from the community. Last night in DC a vigil was held.

Tonight, in San Francisco another one is being held, put together by One Struggle One Fight. We are meeting at 9:30PM on 18th and Castro for a candle light vigil to remember and speak out against this injustice. The evidence strongly suggests that Tyli'a's murder was indeed a hate crime.

Let's band together and take a stand!!!

I hope you can all make it to 18th and Castro tonight(29th) at 9:30PM! Bring your candles! Bring signs! Bring friends! Spread the word!!!
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a happy LGBT life is these Two pieces of Good News for the LGBT Community to Celebrate on today!!! [Jul. 1st, 2009|07:52 pm]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

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A legal victory in the workplace and two news laws protecting youth.Collapse )
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A Happy LGBT Life Is That A Lesbian Couple Was Voted 'Best Couple' by Their HS Peers [Jun. 24th, 2009|09:32 pm]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

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and by an overwhelming majority of students too!Collapse )
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True Colors [Jun. 24th, 2009|11:23 am]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

Happy gay life is seeing a little bit of yourself in history.

Happy Pride Month

More insideCollapse )

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Happy gay life... [Jun. 20th, 2009|04:16 am]
Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!

Happy Gay Life is my mom being so totally awesome. Her best friend at work is gay, I told her about going to my first ever Gay Pride Parade and she commented back that it sounded like I had a lot of fun, and then proceeded to tell me about how her best friend at work went to Gay Pride in their area recently. :-)

And while I'm at it, something from a couple years ago (before I was a member here)= happy trans life is going shopping for femme clothes and a purse with my mom, me dressed in full femme mode, and Mom commenting that I pass better as a girl than I ever did as a guy. :-D

Now if only my dad were that awesome about it. He's okay about it, but prefers not to talk about it.
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