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happy_gay_life's Journal

Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience!
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The Rainbow Promise

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." -- Buddha

Welcome to our Rainbow Family! We are a glbtq friendly community and we celebrate all diversity of sexuality, gender identities and lifestyles.

Our purpose: this is a community dedicated to building a positive glbtq image by sharing joyful and constructive experiences of being glbtq.

Our beliefs: we are equal to all and we deserve the best in life. We are pure, innocent, vibrant, dynamic beings beyond the limitation of all labels. We are lovable and acceptable at the core of our beings. We are normal, perfect, complete and whole now and forever.

Have you ever been to a place you've never been before but the people you meet, the things you see feel so familiar as if you've known each other for a long long time?

This is such a magical place where we meet in the secret garden of our hearts, where we connect together as Rainbow brothers and sisters to celebrate our blessings and share these special moments when our hearts say a resonant "yes!" to life.

Every time we share a line of joy, we're contributing to building a positive glbtq image and creating a better life for ourselves.

Let's share our exciting experiences of being glbtq. Let glbtq lives be joyful lives that we can all be proud of!

Community Guidelines

1. Please share the special moments that bring smiles to your face, that make your heart sing, that tickle you, that move you to tears of joy: anything big or small that is cool, uplifting, humorous, romantic, hilarious, positive, triumphant, exuberant, or touching, etc. ^_^

* It's great if they are explicitly glbtq related, and it's also lovely if they are simple things in life that delight your heart, such as a timely help from a stranger, the warm welcome you receive from your dog when you get home! The point is: we are sharing the joy of being normal people with normal feelings, desires, hopes and needs.

* Please focus on solutions (instead of problems), what you love (instead of ranting what you dislike), what is constructive (instead of what is negative or destructive, attention seeking, trolling), what is expanding in your heart (instead of what is entangling in your mind), choices (instead of limitations), what connects us (instead of what separates us).

* If you have issues in life you'd like us to help you with or if you want us to support you in making your dreams come true, please join our solution-oriented community: "Together Our Dreams Come True!" (glbtq_manifest)

* This community is for people of all ages so please be discreet and respect each other.

2. Please start your subject line with: "Happy g/l/b/t/q life is ..." (whatever applies) and finish the post in one sentence.

* It helps you to focus on your happy experiences and avoid distracting dramas.
* It's like panning for gold: you want the purest, the best of the best of that special moment.
* You're declaring to the world what a wonderful experience you have being who/what you are.
* We encourage you to post one item per post so both you and the reader can pay ultimate respect to each experience (when you feel ready).

3. If you feel so enthusiastic that you want to share something extra, such as articles/pictures/lyrics/poems/quotes/jokes/stories/recipes/intro etc., please make the first sentence a headline and put the rest behind a lj-cut. (Please do it out of love and respect for other members.)

* How to use a lj-cut: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
* People with dial-up connections will be grateful.
* When our community has 50-60 or more posts a day going through our friends pages, everybody will be grateful. ^_^ (Our heaviest traffic so far is 35 posts/day.)

4. You can post as many times as you like every day. We encourage you to post boldly and frequently.

* After posting for a while you'll realize that your focus has shifted from what you don't want in life to everything that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. This change of focus will attract even more happiness into your life. The more you post, the more you benefit from the process.

5. Please comment generously.

* Whenever you sincerely acknowledge someone else's celebration of life, you're making it happen in your own life. Happiness is contagious and it snowballs. ^_^
* Sometimes after sharing something that is close to our hearts, we may feel a bit vulnerable and it is nice to be supported by our Rainbow brothers and sisters.
* It's also a great opportunity to connect, get to know each other, make friends, or explore a subject, etc.

6. Please introduce our Rainbow Family to all your friends so more of us can celebrate our lives together!

7. Please treat each other with sensitivity and respect.

* Posts that are rude, disrespectful or deliberately attacking and whose purposes are to incite, inflame or instigate such a response, will be deleted. Posters who consistently post in such a manner will have their posting access removed.

8. Due to the nature of our community, we do not permit any advertisements/promotions. However, you're welcome to contact the maintainer/mod if you want your community to be listed as one of our affiliates.

9. The maintainer/moderator reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts/comments.

10. If you have any questions, cool suggestions etc., please email to: being22together@yahoo.co.uk

* It helps a great deal when you communicate directly so we can work out together how to meet your needs. ^_^
* We recommend you also join our solution-oriented community: glbtq_manifest for us to manifest our dream lives together. ^_^

Come! Join us and have some fun! ^_^

What our members say about this community:

"As one of the geriatric set, let me add my voice to the enthusiasm.

Telling the Good Stuff is important too. Yeah, there are happy grey haired couples that are very much other than straight and vanilla out there. And I agree that those stories are important to tell. It's why I write the sort of fic I do: fluffy smut about nice people with nice lives who happen to fall in love with other nice people who happen to share certain anatomical traits. Who cares about the plumbing? It's the love that's important.

I think it's very relevant, and important that GLBT kids in particular have a chance to see examples of GLBT relationships that work, and supportive families, and faithful lovers, and long term relationships that are just as real and strong and valid as a 'marriage', whatever the current definition of that word may be."

** "Being GLBTQ is a Great Experience" is the formal community name. We reassure you that the choice of the community username "happy_gay_life" is not meant to be discrimination against anybody. It was chosen before the expansion of the community and this issue will be addressed when the community reaches maturity and stability due to the technical issues and cost involved.

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